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Most campaigns centre around one big set-piece activity, whether on or offline. If planned correctly, most of the work for launch day will have already been done in the pre-launch phase. Here are some top tips and points to consider for either scenario.

Offline launch

Typically takes the form of an event

This is a great opportunity to create and capture content that can be leveraged later in the campaign. If you are holding a physical event, you might want to consider:


Filming on site, capturing any official speeches or undertaking interviews with attendees


Environmental branding for the event, how can you create an immersive brand experience for the attendees?


What hard copy materials you have on hand to support the activity, and how do they lead people to further on-line materials or resources?


How can you leverage the event on social media? Are you using relevant hashtags, are you capturing images for use on the day and later in the campaign?


How are you capturing reactions from the attendees? Is the messaging proving to be effective? Are there any direct opportunities arising from the attendees? How will these be identified, collected and pursued post event?

Online campaign

A few things to consider

Monitor traffic to your website/campaign pages in real time. How are visitors navigating the information? Are they moving through the site in the anticipated way? Is the call to action working? Are any refinements needed?

Review social media activity around the campaign regularly in the first few days. Are you responding to comments, likes or shares? Which platform is working best for you? Do you know why? Can you leverage it any further?

Are your internal teams supporting the campaign in the online environment? How can you encourage any further activity?

Are you converting traffic as you had hoped?

Historically, many people saw the official campaign launch as the end of the job. It’s out in the world now, the hard work is done, box ticked. Not us. We believe that’s just half the battle. Especially if you want to achieve real return on investment.