This is the time to really leverage your content, maximise your channels and of course, review your success.

Keep the communications going

Whether it be HTML emails, infographics or video-based content, use, share and re-use the content you have prepared in the early weeks and months to keep the communications going. You can use each piece of information in different ways. Consider white-papers or online publications (like this one) to share more detailed information in an engaging way.

Get smart with analytics

Track what type of communication gets the most traction. Whether that’s number of pages viewed online, or dwell time on a particular area of an online publication. Pull together analytics from your website, email campaigns, social media channels and online publications to see what has most impact, and repeat.

Take note

Listen to what people tell you about the campaign – internally and externally. Do some qualitative feedback with clients or put a quantitative survey on your campaign homepage.

Review your success

Hold an internal debrief with your team and key internal stakeholders to discuss what worked well and what didn’t. Look at the engagement across different channels. Which platforms delivered the best results and why? What conversions did you achieve? And most importantly what learnings can you take into the next campaign?

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