We all know that failing to prepare equals preparing to fail. This has never been truer than in the case of campaign planning. If you want to achieve real, measurable results, you need to invest time and effort in planning, considering each of the below campaign phases.

Phase one: What, who and why?

Planning is the most crucial part of any campaign, getting your objectives, deliverables and measures clear at the outset will ensure a coherent and effective campaign.


Be clear on what this campaign is trying to achieve. Use SMART goals and objectives and make sure your key internal stakeholders agree with the goals. Ask yourself what would need to be achieved, for the campaign to be viewed as successful.


Clarify your messaging and call to action. What do you want the audience to say, think, feel or do in response to your campaign?


Define your audiences and be as specific as you can about the demographics – this will help you select the right mix of channels for maximum impact. Don’t forget about your internal audience too, they are often your biggest cheerleaders and can really help generate momentum on social media later in the process.

Phase two: Where and how?

Select your channels. Great campaigns leverage every touchpoint with a client or prospect.

  • Consider use of both traditional and online media – how will you lead audiences from one to the other? How will you measure the effectiveness of each? Which are the most effective social media platforms for your audiences?
  • Think carefully about how you can create content once and leverage it in multiple ways and across multiple channels.
  • The same questions apply for your internal audiences. How can you mix on and offline creative elements to generate awareness, interest and support?

Phase three: Bring it to life

Now you know who you need to reach and how you plan to reach them, this is the time to develop a visual identity for the campaign.

A great design team (like ours) will bring your vision to life with a recognisable visual identity that will work across channels, across audiences and across the full suite of internal and external campaign assets.


Always test your proposed campaign messaging with a selection of clients or contacts. What might seem obvious to you might be completely obscure to someone outside of your business. What is the overall message they see or hear? Can they tell you what the call to action is? Review and refine your campaign plan post testing as needed.


Schedule your launch activity. Whether event based, online or in print, get as far ahead of the game as you possibly can with organising your social media posts, advertising, direct mail or other activities identified on our campaign checklist. Come launch day, the only thing you should be worried about is what to have for breakfast.

Next up, launch day and how to support campaign longevity.