Relationship overview

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More than 2000 jobs produced by Epigram for Linklaters.

We hope that's just the beginning...

We are proud to have served Linklaters in Asia over the past seven years and you continue to be one of our most highly valued clients.

We have three highly experienced designers based in the UK who know your brand and provide overnight support for the Epigram Linklaters team in Malaysia.


7 years working in partnership


Over 500 new jobs since our last report


Average hours per month

January - June 2021


Team members in the UK and Malaysia

Access to 24-hour day via the UK and US teams for quick turnaround requests

6-hour complimentary Foleon publication to explore engaging B2B content experiences

Trained members of the team to expand digital software skills

Chinese language support for Linklaters and Zhao Sheng

As a business, we have made it our mission to meet the creative needs of professional services firms with international footprints.

It is this drive which led to the creation of our Kuala Lumpur office in 2014, primarily to service the needs of our clients’ Asia Pacific offices.

We have since introduced a Sunday service to assist firms based in the Middle East and have creative support in Philadelphia. Our service hours and market coverage follow a 24 hour day available six days per week.

Our people

Epigram has 19 full-time staff based in Manchester, 5 in Kuala Lumpur, and 1 providing part-time support in Philadelphia. Our close collaborative way of working provides a seamless service spanning three time zones.

Types of jobs

Types of jobs completed this year include:


Contacts across the globe