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COVID-19 Support

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We've supported Linklaters through COVID-19 and maintained a seamless service since February 2020.

In an unprecedented time in our history, the COVID-19 pandemic is having an impact not just on health and our daily lives but has a great impact on businesses and the global economy as a whole. As we continue to navigate through these uncertain and evolving challenges, we want you to know that Epigram is here for you.

We are adapting and finding new ways of working and meeting your needs. Please scroll below to see some of the work we have supported Linklaters on since the outbreak.

Epigram-Linklater's Portfolio

Interactive Client Alert

LIN.LAT.2323 MAS Consults on Banks’ Outsourcing Notices Client Alert - Peiying Chua (155407)

LIN.LAT.2367 Principle of Party Autonomy Client Alert - Jelita Pandjaitan (315411)

Interactive Report

LIN.LAT.2313 Asia Pacific Renewable Energy Insights 2021 Report - James McLaren (250200)

LIN.LAT.2272 Linklaters in Asia I Squared Capital Report - Robert Elliott (250200)

Webinar PowerPoint Presentation

LIN.LAT.2175 Asia Firm-wide Webinar PowerPoint Presentation - Silvia Tsui (550441)

Thanks for sending the firm-wide holding slides, it looks really nice together with the video in the background."

Silvia Tsui

Events & Communications Advisor - Asia, Linklater's Hong Kong

Interactive Brochure

LIN.LAT.2168 Weston Summary and Strategy Brochure - Jelita Pandjaitan (315411)

Interactive Contact Card

LIN.LAT.2183 Global Digital Interactive Contact Card - Sumit Indwar (155404)

HTML Invitation

LIN.LAT.2133 Linklaters Webinar - Stablecoins and CBDCs HTML Invite - Peiying Chua (155407)