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We have a team of 8 designers ready to undertake Linklater's work – four in Malaysia, three in the United Kingdom, and one in the United States.

All designers on our Linklaters team are senior personnel with industry experience ranging from 7 to 27 years. Their extensive skills cover a wide selection of software encompassing both print and digital media. Each office provides overnight support to the other two, ensuring that key deadlines are met. While advance notice of work is always welcome, we understand that it is not always possible. That’s where the size, skill, and experience of the team come into their own. We balance workloads, adjust priorities and restructure workflow to accommodate these sorts of requests.

When you are under pressure to deliver on a tight deadline, the ability to utilise our global team to support work overnight is invaluable. We deliver work in timelines as short as a few hours and as long as several months, depending on the brief and the client's requirements. We will always do our best to ensure our clients hit their own internal and external deadlines.

Your Epigram team based in Asia

Jasreen Rubeni

Design Manager

Joanne Chan

Senior Designer

Nurul Mansor

Senior Designer

Amanda Fong

Senior Designer

Your Epigram team based in the UK

Susan Pettit

Managing Director

Nigel Whittle

Creative Director

Ben Hounslow

Creative Lead

Rachael Ward

Creative Lead

Your Epigram team based in the US

Jay Fuegel

Senior Designer