This short guide sets out the 5 key stages of a brand review process. Grab a cup of coffee (preferably with a slice of cake) and check out the key points to consider at each of the five stages. If you would like more detail around any of the stages or would like to discuss your brand review specifically please contact Susan, she would be delighted to hear from you.

Step 1

Brand audit: Seek to understand before being understood

Ask yourself…

  • How do your clients currently perceive you?
  • What characteristics does the market associate with your brand?
  • How does this compare to how you wish to be perceived?

Step 2

Refine and define: Messaging and positioning

  • Refine messaging to reflect the authenticity of your brand as discovered in stage one
  • Define your differentiators, key strengths and goals for the brand
  • Articulate your unique positioning and tone of voice

Step 3

Concept development: Bringing your brand to life

  • Decide whether you want evolution or revolution
  • Work to define new options for the visual identity including use of colours, imagery, fonts and styles
  • Refine the chosen approach and test with internal and external stakeholders as appropriate to ensure resonance and suitability

Step 4

Asset development: Delivering the tools you need

  • Develop a comprehensive list of requirements for the brand
  • Undertake production of brand assets, templates and tools
  • Write and define comprehensive on and offline brand guidelines

Step 5

Implementation: Go-live of the new identity

  • Populate the central asset bank / library
  • Review practicalities of all assets with feedback from key stakeholders
  • Roll-out materials and branding across the business

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