Engage your readers with interactive online content

Smart, slick and responsive, online publications from Epigram will enable your audience to interact with your brand and messaging through a seamless combination of words, pictures and film. Not only that, but their responsive nature means they look good on any screen size. Generate and capture new business leads and use analytics insights to improve and tailor your content.

Farewell to the PDF

Add movement, interest and engagement to your marketing and brand assets.

Perfect for lead generation campaigns, whitepapers and events, online publications can also be used to create brochures, microsites, event hubs, team sheets and service line offerings.

The potential list of uses is endless.

Unlike traditional PDF’s this platform allows you to integrate polls, surveys, forms and a range of impactful calls to action. It is also a data collection tool, which is fully GDPR compliant. With elements that respond to readers’ actions, you can guide your online visitors through your content towards your desired goal – whether that be completion of a form, contacting your team or registering for an event.

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The list of benefits for online publications is endless, but we’ve picked our top six to share with you below. Click on the link below to read a little more detail around what makes this platform so exciting.

Interactive, media-rich content


Fully searchable

Simple and efficient updates

A full analytics system


How are publications accessed?

Online publications sit as an extension of your existing URL. They can be optimised for SEO purposes or locked down with a username and password – you decide.

Access can also be restricted within each publication. For example you could create an open access ‘teaser’ page to draw readers into your content, but require them to register or sign-in to access the value-added insights. With the ‘sign-in with LinkedIn’ feature, your readers can seamlessly view your content while you capture their data, review the analytics and tailor your future campaigns for maximum impact.

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