Digital design

Bringing a printed report to life

We use ‘Foleon’, a highly engaging platform to create microsites for a wide variety of purposes.

If you view the interactive FFF report you will see it has the ability to bring together written content, video, animation and other impactful assets in an engaging way.

We love looking at the analytics to see where people spend their time, what topics are of most interest and we also use it as a lead generation tool.

Our entire Epigram Explore microsite is in fact a Foleon publication:


Work example:

Future Focused Finance – Annual report

We worked in partnership with the client team at Future-Focused Finance to update their brand identity, helping it to resonate more effectively with NHS based finance professionals across the UK. Key brand assets for launch in late 2019 included brand guidelines, templates, website re-skin, brochureware and their flagship annual report. Having designed a hard copy of the report we were able to bring it to life by creating an interactive online format which included moving footage and animated infographics.

“We’re really happy with how our new online report has turned out. Epigram has been a pleasure to work with and we can’t wait to produce more with them in the future.”

Assistant Programme Director, FFF