PowerPoint isn’t every designer’s best friend!

More often than not, we would much prefer to create something visually impactful using other methods, but we understand that PowerPoint offers great flexibility for law firms, particularly where there is a need to allow in-house amends at the last minute.

The good news is that our team is well versed in the world of Microsoft.

From the regular requests to “make pretty” a series of slides, to creating something that feels more like a fully animated video, we know how to get the best from PowerPoint’s capabilities and are used to delivering at both ends of the spectrum.

Work example:

Grant Thornton internal training presentation

We are proud to have a long standing relationship with Grant Thornton International, supporting their business in communicating global campaigns to their international network. We assisted in the development of a series of training documents – all PowerPoint based. Having been supplied with the initial content in PPT format, we applied consistent branding across a diverse range of pieces with the finished material being used for training teams across the world.

“I’ve presented these graphics back to the team and everyone is really impressed, so thank you again for all your work and creative energy. As ever, we really appreciate your guidance and quick turnaround.”

Senior Executive - Global Marketing, Grant Thornton International