Virtual environments

As a creative business, being at the forefront of digital transformation is key.

We have been bringing new ideas, technologies and innovations to our clients throughout our history – starting with film, moving to animation and now to creating full immersive 3D environments for online events.

There are a lot of clichéd phrases we could use here about keeping ahead of the curve, horizon scanning or blue sky thinking. We prefer just to keep our eyes open and ask good old fashioned questions.

As individuals we all thoroughly enjoy what we do – that means we are constantly reading, watching and exploring – whether at work or at home. We attend events (from our dining tables and living rooms these days), we engage with universities and hone in on the new and exciting things we think will add value to our client relationships – not just the ones we think are cool.

From this exploratory approach came the introduction of interactive publications, video based pitch submissions and 3D virtual events. What’s next, we don’t know. But we can’t wait to find out.